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Our Story 

Our Story

Our founder embarked on a mission 8 years ago to provide every senior in our community access to durable medical equipment and fresh produce. What began as a personal endeavor, distributing fresh produce from the trunk of her car to a few hundred seniors a month, has now grown into a thriving organization serving 14,000 seniors monthly.

Challenges and Innovations

Despite the growing demand, funding remains a challenge. However, our community has spoken, and we're answering with an innovative solution: Produce Pac. This customizable package not only meets all dietary needs but also ensures that for every purchase made, a senior across town receives one for free.

Our Mission

It's time to revolutionize aging in Tampa Bay. With Produce Pac, we aim to double the number of seniors we help each month from 14,000 to 28,000. Your support will enable us to reach this goal and positively impact the lives of seniors in our community.


Get Involved

  • Support Our Cause: Purchase a Produce Pac and help us provide fresh produce to seniors while meeting your dietary requirements.

  • Spread the Word: Share our story and mission with your network. Together, we can raise awareness and extend our reach to help more seniors.

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