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  • Are you really donating one Pac to a senior in need for every fresh produce delivery made?
    Yes, at Produce Pac we are committed to giving back to our community. For every fresh Produce Pac purchased we deliver made through our service, we donate one Pac to a senior in need. These Pac's contain a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to support the health and well-being of seniors in our community. We have partnered with Saving Our Seniors that focuses on filling the gap for access to food for seniors. As a customer of Produce Pac, not only are you receiving high-quality, farm-fresh produce, but you are also contributing to a great cause by helping us support seniors in need. Thank you for your support in making a difference in our community.
  • Where is your produce sourced.
    We utilize local vendors that can provide us the best quality to them provide out to you. We first focus on locally but there are some produce items that cannot be locally sourced due to growing capabilities.
  • How much produce contains in the Pac?
    It varies depending on the Pac you choose the small Pac has 8 to 10 choices and the larger Pac has 12 - 14 choices. Each item has a set amount of Produce, so you get 20 to 24 items per box. A great option for a house of 2.
  • What type of produce will be in the Pac?
    Yes, it just depends on what is available at the markets and has the best quality. Each week the menu changes but the best part is that you can customize your options to make sure you get the best options that fit your needs.
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